Do You Like Our Owl? (scheduled July 8 2022)

Release #9.

The title refers to a scene from the classic sci-fi cult movie ‘Blade Runner’, when Deckard (Harrison Ford) first meets Rachel at Tyrell Corporation HQ. An artificial owl is featured in the lobby. “Do you like our owl?,” Rachel asks. The mini dialogue that follows is also featured on the Blade Runner score by Vangelis, that I must have played a million times.

The mood is mysterious, dreamlike and futuristic but still vibrant and energetic.

The female vocal is chopped from a recording I previously did with US vocalist Mariami for a track that never came to life – not through lack of performance – but it just did not come together. Working on ‘Do You Like Our Owl?’, I remembered the chorus and picked just three notes that I needed.

The spoken word samples are speech generated, as – of course – I could not sample them from the movie.

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